Technical skillsets

  • Upstream process development, scale up and high cell density fermentation
  • Whole cell biotransformation in yeast and bacteria
  • Downstream processing using chromatography including adsorption, ion exchange, gel filtration
  • Full fledged Organic chemistry division for substrate synthesis and Semisynthetic derivative preparations
  • Dedicated Analytical Development lab for method development and validation

Core capabilities

Process capabilities
  • In-house development of GMO based biotransformation processes
  • Enhanced biotransformation capabilities through genetically engineered strains
  • Experience in downstream processing using chromatography
  • Undertaken multiple CRO/CDMO projects in GMO’S
Production capabilities
  • Biotransformation capability from 10L up to 40 KL
  • Integration of chemistry & biotechnology for semisynthetic operations
  • 3 stage efficient effluent treatment (Bioreactor, RO system & MEE)
  • Pilot plant for biotech & chemistry divisions
Support capabilities
  • Functional IBSC-DSIR recognised lab with biosafety framework
  • Think tanks access for Embio –IITB,UICT, BATU
  • Synergy with Organic chemistry division for any subsequent transformations
  • Analytical division equipped to meet method development or analytical needs.
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