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Progression of research into commercially viable product/process takes strategy, planning and hard work. A stepwise scale up of technology is crucial to translate bench top observations into meaningful industrial processes. In this context, we have an excellent Pilot lab facility to ease the transition from shake flask studies to fermenter scales of 20L, 50L, 150L, 500L, 1000L, 2000L and 4000L; complete with accessory dosing tanks, analyzers, sensors- inline/offline, temperature control systems and other essential utilities.

Pilot Plant Downstream Processing Area

Downstream processing is product specific. We have a 600 square foot Class 10000 area for DSP. Recovery of the fermentation product is of great importance as it is this step which decides the quality, quantity and purity of yield. Our Downstream Processing team is highly proficient in making tailor made protocols to get the most out of the process. Our expertise lies in centrifugation, counter current column extraction, chromatography (gel, silica, ion exchange), membrane filtration (MF/NF/UF/RO)

Synthetic Chemistry Pilot Facility:

1. Pilot Plant Area:

  • Glass lined reactor, 500 L: 1 No.
  • Glass lined reactor, 250 L: 1 No.
  • SS316 reactor, 500 L: 1 No.
  • SS316 reactor, 250 L: 1 No.
  • SS316 Hydrogenator, 250 L (working pressure 6 kg/cm2): 1 No.
  • SS Centrifuge, 24” dia: 1 No.
  • PP Sparkler filter, 12” dia: 1 No.
  • SS Nutsche Filter, 24” dia: 1 No.
  • 50 L glass assemblies with oil bath and distillation column: 2 Nos.
  • High vacuum pump (0.5 mmHg, 1000 LPM): 1 No.

2. Pharma Zone:

  • 100 L glass assembly: 1 No.
  • SS Centrifuge (15” dia), 1 No.
  • SS Fluid Bed Dryer (30 kg capacity): 1 No.
  • Air Handling Unit (Class 100,000)

3. Utilities:

  • Steam Boiler (Diesel fired, 300 kg/hr)
  • Chilled Water plant (8-10°C, 30 TR)
  • Chiller Brine plant (-10°C, 10 TR)
  • Water-ring vacuum pump