The logo symbolizes Growth, Dynamism, Continuity & Reform giving a break from typical rigidness of DNA structure. It further emphasizes the company's focus on Trust, Quality, Progress & Balance.

Manufacturing Plant

The state-of-the-art Embio manufacturing facility is capable to handle large volume and small volume Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, advanced intermediates, chiral intermediates and chiral resolving agents. Facility is built and managed by fundamentals such as growth, continuity, dynamism and reform.

Facility is approved by US-FDA, TGA, WHO-GMP and KFDA. It is also approved by Japanese authorities’ foreign manufacturing site. Complimented by DEA for adhering to documentation systems for controlled substance regulations. Embio has been accredited with USP mark and certificate for Pseudoephedrine HCL.

The Mahad plant has been designed to meet the following goals:

  1. Technological competence to handle difficult molecules
  2. To supply quality products that fulfill or even surpass the stringent requirements of all major regulatory authorities and customers
  3. To compete and win in international markets
  4. The company has upgraded the facility to meet domestic and international production requirements, regulatory GMP and EHS approvals.

What began modestly as a single block API manufacturing facility, rapidly expanded to two dedicated production blocks, four multi-product production blocks and one small volume production block.

This unit has the capacity to develop and execute a wide range of unit processes and operations.

Plant Capacity in KL (Reactor Volume) Major Equipment Installed
Fermentation 640 KL Fermentors
Ephedrine Hydrochloride 27.6 KL Glass Lined Reactor, SS Reactor , Centrifuge, Tray dryer, Multimill, Sifter, Blender
Pseudoephedrine Hydrochloride 24.05 KL Glass Lined Reactor, SS Reactor , Centrifuge, ANFD, Multimill, Sifter, RCD
MPP-1 29.5 KL Glass Lined Reactor, SS Reactor , Centrifuge
MPP-3 8 KL Glass Lined Reactor, SS Reactor , Centrifuge
MPP-4 34.7 KL Glass Lined Reactor, SS Reactor , high vacuum distillation, Centrifuge, ANFD, Tray Dryer, VTD, Multimill, Sifter, Blender
MPP-5 25 KL Glass Lined Reactor, SS Reactor , Centrifuge, FBD, Multimill, Sifter, RCD
Small Volume Plant 1.5 KL Glass Lined Reactor, SS Reactor , high vacuum distillation Centrifuge, Tray Dryer, VTD, FBD, Multimill, Sifter, Blender

Reaction Capabilities:

  • Fermentation, Hydrogenation, Hydrochlorination, Acetylation, Hydrolysis, Basification, Condensation, Optical Resolution, Chiral Chemistry.
  • Facility is available for development of new molecules, Technology transfer and scale up from R&D (Biotechnology/Synthetic) to pilot plant to commercial scale large and small volume
  • Full-fledged effluent treatment facility is available for effluent management, our main strength is our Biodigestor, which generates Biogas from effluent,
  • In-house facility for solvent recovery
  • Purified water facility is available

Pharma Zone

The utilization of a gravity flow system in our finished product section ensures that there is minimal human handling of the final product. This system eliminates the scope for product contamination.

Controlled temperature and humidity conditions are maintained in the Pharma Zones. Our clean rooms are meeting ISO 8, Class 100,000 parameters.

The processing of the final product is done under controlled conditions of humidity and temperature.

Pharma Zone