The logo symbolizes Growth, Dynamism, Continuity & Reform giving a break from typical rigidness of DNA structure. It further emphasizes the company's focus on Trust, Quality, Progress & Balance.

Environment Health and Safety

As a responsible corporate citizen, Embio has implemented a bio-friendly, technology- based environment management system that has received World Bank accolades.

The last 5 consecutive years, the company has been awarded the national safety award by the national safety council.

We have a State of the Art effluent treatment plant based on the principles of green chemistry and zero discharge. The system is well supported by primary treatment using anaerobic biodigestor, followed by a second treatment using 5 stage Plate Tube Reverse Osmosis (PTRO) to separate the solid waste and water. The tertiary treatment is with 5 stage Multiple Effect Evaporator (MEE), followed by drawing of solid waste and further in-situ pyrolysis.

Fixed Film Anaerobic Digester

Four Stage Plate Tube Reverse Osmosis Plant (PTRO)

Five Stage Multiple Effect Evaporator with Spray Drier