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Embio Research Centre

The R&D department of Embio Limited had its modest beginnings in 1997, with a few hard working researchers, armed with sheer grit and determination. Within the span of six years, the meteoric growth of the range of R&D activities warranted the setup of an exclusive Research facility in 2003, called the Embio Research Centre (ERC). DSIR recognition was obtained in 2003.

Our fully functional and self-sufficient R&D department has three broad divisions

  • Organic Chemistry
  • Analytical Development
  • Biotechnology

The nature of research conducted by the three divisions is collaborative with emphasis on team work and cooperation, and no division is completely isolated from the other.

Biotechnology Wing

Synthetic Chemistry Wing

Analytical Development Wing

The biotechnology division has a functional IBSC (Institutional Biosafety Committee) working under the purview of RCGM of Department of Biotechnology, GOI, since 2004, to take care of Biosafety regulations. This allows us to work with GMOs under the rDNA guidelines of 1990 under the aegis of IBSC and RCGM. The R&D lab is recognized by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), Government of India.

Facilities available at the Biotechnology R&D lab:

The laboratory is well equipped to carry out our research efficiently and safely. Some of the infrastructure available to our researchers:-

  • Class 10,000 clean room facility
  • Laminar flow work bench, Biosafety hood
  • An assortment of shakers and incubators of various capacities
  • Sartorius fermentors of various volumes
  • An assortment of centrifuges
  • Cross flow unit MF/NF/UF/RO
  • Ultra low freezer (-80°C) for cryopreservation
  • Deep freezers as low as -40°C
  • Cold room for storage of temperature sensitive material
  • Rotatory vacuum evaporators (lab and pilot scale)
  • Zeiss Phase contrast microscope with photo documentation facility
  • UV Visible Spectrophotometer

Areas of expertise

Our skill set, as a research team is diverse and covers::-

  • Handling of yeast, bacteria and yeast based biotransformation
  • Whole cell / enzyme immobilization
  • Immobilization of recombinant enzymes for the purpose of biocatalysis
  • Handling fungal cultures, optimization of metabolite production
  • Down stream processing approaches like chromatography (adsorption, ion exchange, gel filtration), counter current extraction
  • Lab scale biodigestor to study anaerobic biodegradation
  • Integration of biosynthetic steps in the production of chiral molecules
  • Solid state fermentation, solid-liquid cultivation of fungi for metabolite production
  • Maintaining in vivo parasite life cycle and vector colonies, animal houses for the production of antigen kits
  • Handling Category I genetically modified organisms (yeast, bacteria)
  • In vitro studies, enzyme kinetic studies with lipases, dehydrogenases and decarboxylases.
  • Screening exercises for Pichia strains that can grow in the presence of unconventional carbon sources.
  • Optimization of commercial feed stock
  • Bioprocess optimization, manipulating the metabolism of the organism to give maximum biotransformation.
  • DNA isolation, transformation to produce non therapeutic recombinant proteins.