The logo symbolizes Growth, Dynamism, Continuity & Reform giving a break from typical rigidness of DNA structure. It further emphasizes the company's focus on Trust, Quality, Progress & Balance.

Chairmans Message

India is currently charging ahead into mainstream pharmaceutical markets around the world with many companies taking their operations worldwide. To grow and prosper, Indian companies will have to re-think the current business models and move to more global, innovation led growth. That is what we are attempting to build here at Embio, being in a niche market of controlled substances, using biotransformation as a key technology.

The 25 plus years of journey by Embio, from its inception to its evolution, is commendable. The single step taken is now on the course of its great journey.

Embio has always been consciously endeavoring to leverage on its competencies to retain and grow its position of leadership in the global arena. Embio has been evolving steadily to become a global leader in the pharmaceutical business with its strategic focus on niche products, patented processes & products, state of the art infrastructure, empowered organizational culture and the synergetic human capital. These fundamentals being in place, Embio is poised for a better future and expected to contribute effectively in building a healthier society.

We expect to grow exponentially with our novel plans to add new products in emerging markets.

I am confident that Embio will continue to strive to excel over itself and make a positive difference in its growth, profitability, social responsibility as well as customer and employee satisfaction.

Mr. M. H. Avadhani - Chairman (Embio)