The logo symbolizes Growth, Dynamism, Continuity & Reform giving a break from typical rigidness of DNA structure. It further emphasizes the company's focus on Trust, Quality, Progress & Balance.

Embio Limited

Incorporated in 1986, Embio Limited, a leading global player in the domain of controlled substances and chiral molecules manufactured through bio-transformation. We are one of the largest, totally integrated manufacturer in the world of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Ephedrine, Pseudoephedrine and advanced intermediates of Norephedrine Isomers. This leadership position has been achieved by Embio’s uncompromising emphasis on superior quality of both its products and regulatory compliances, to service the specific requirements of its customers.

Embio’s State of the Art manufacturing facility, approved by US-FDA, WHO-GMP & KFDA, is located in MIDC Mahad on Mumbai-Goa highway that is 175 KM from Mumbai.

Our products and services cater to the stringent requirements of a large clientele in more than 55 countries with the major share in regulated markets that includes a few top 10 pharmaceutical companies in the world.