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Embio Overview

Embio was incorporated in 1986. Commissioned with an initial capacity of 30 MTPA of Ephedrine which has been expanded from time to time.

It is today the second largest integrated manufacturer of Ephedrine and its related salts in the world.

Alongside customer recognition, R&D is a major
commitment at EMBIO Reasearch Center....
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Quality Control
Embio’s operational resources are in perfect league with international requirements, where safety, ease of operations and current Good Manufacturiong Practices (cGMP) govern plant design and equipment selection.

Embio's plant is one of the finest bulk drug plants in India. The state of the art integrated manufacturing facility has the flexibility
Bio friendly Technology based Environment Management System, which has received World Bank recognition
Embio is today, the second largest manufacturer of Ephedrine & Pseudoephedrine salts in the world.

Our manufacturing facility is located at Mahad, an industrial town located at a distance of 180 Kilometers from Bombay
Pharma Zone
The installation of a gravity flow system in our finished product section ensures that there is minimal human handling of the final product.


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